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1. Academic Requirement: The minimum academic requirement is an O'level / WASSCE with 5 credits (Inclusive of Mathematics and English). 

This means that teachers with higher qualifications (Bachelor's Degrees in Education, Bachelor's Degrees not in Education, Master's Degrees, Post-graduate Degrees, and other academic qualifications above O'level/WASSCE) are also welcome to apply.

2. Technical Requirement: have an internet-enabled device (mobile phone, tablet, or laptop).

The iDE will be delivered through a learning management system (LMS) via a mobile application  (App) or through a web browser. The minimum requirement for your phone is Android version 5.1 (but Android version 7 and above are better) or iOS version 9. The web version does not give the offline download options.

3. Professional Requirement: be a teacher in a classroom.

You must be either a full- or part-time teacher or starting a teaching role when the programme starts. The iDE can be likened to in-service training. It is a practical course and will require regular implementation of what you learn. There will also be practical assessments that you need to do in the classroom; these assessments form an integral part of your course result.

College Student
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