About Us

The University of Buckingham Teacher Training Programme (UBTTP) is part of a larger movement, started by Prof James Tooley that seeks to improve the quality of education and empower educators in low-cost private schools.

Despite the success of low-cost private education in the developing world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, governments often attempt to hinder their growth and flourishing. One of the most common criticisms is that the teachers within these schools do not have the same level of certification as those in government schools. Critics also argue that, even though most research shows that the pupils in these schools perform better than those in public schools, the quality of education remains low across both sectors.

The UBTTP was developed in partnership with the Association for Formidable Educational Development (AFED) to address these twin issues of training and certification. The Programme is internationally recognised and is taught through blended learning (online teaching and physical mentoring) and has a flexible structured calendar to accommodate the normal school calendar.

Our Vision is to ensure that every child around the world receives a quality education, and to enhance freedom through quality improvements in low-cost private schools.

"I am delighted that this programme brings together the UK’s premier private university and private education providers serving low-income communities in India and Nigeria. It’s a wonderful initiative which I know will improve the quality of teaching and learning across the developing world”. (Prof. James Tooley)

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Our Mission

Our mission is to give educators the freedom they need to advance their careers, to innovate, to experiment, and to become better and more confident professionals. To stand taller and receive the respect and recognistion they deserve.

We aim to improve the learning outcomes and opportunities of the children in our schools and increase theirs and their families’ dignity and self-respect.

We also understand the importance of certification for the teaching profession, and we don’t want the lack of it to be an obstacle or stand in the way of any teacher who wants to be in the classroom. We hope to be the first step, if not one of the many steps, for those who want to become good teachers, better professionals, on a long journey of learning and teaching. 


Meet Our Team

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Prof. James Tooley

Buckingham Programme Director

Andreea Dogar

Buckingham Programme Lead

David Longfield

Buckingham Programme Lead

Daramola Ibukun

Nigeria Programme Director


Kanu Emmanuel Orji

AFED National President

Daniel O. Alabi

Programme Manager

Oluwaseun Akasoro

Programme Manager