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1. Academic Requirement: The minimum academic requirement is an O'level / WASSCE with 5 credits (Inclusive of Mathematics and English). 

This means that teachers with higher qualifications (Bachelor's Degrees in Education, Bachelor's Degrees not in Education, Master's Degrees, Post-graduate Degrees, and other academic qualifications above O'level/WASSCE) are also welcome to apply.

2. Technical Requirement: have an internet-enabled device (mobile phone, tablet, or laptop).

The iDE will be delivered through a learning management system (LMS) via a mobile application  (App) or through a web browser. The minimum requirement for your phone is Android version 5.1 (but Android version 7 and above are better) or iOS version 9. The web version does not give the offline download options.

3. Professional Requirement: be a teacher in a classroom.

You must be either a full- or part-time teacher or starting a teaching role when the programme starts. The iDE can be likened to in-service training. It is a practical course and will require regular implementation of what you learn. There will also be practical assessments that you need to do in the classroom; these assessments form an integral part of your course result.

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How to Register 

If you’re ready to grow as a teacher, advance your career and become a certified teacher with the University of Buckingham, register today!


For the registration, you will be required to upload your Highest Academic Qualification and a Passport photograph. Each file size must not exceed 1 MB. Passport photographs should be in image files only. Academic Qualifications can be in a document, PDF, or image format.


Registration closed on the 1st of September 2022 and will reopen again next spring 2023.



Registration. After filling out the form, you will proceed to pay your registration fee of 2,000 Naira.


Tuition. Tuition fees can be paid outrightly or in instalments. The tuition fee is 55,000 Naira if an outright payment is made. Flexible payment is also available, and payment in instalments will require you to make an initial payment of 30,000 Naira, then 20,000 Naira before the commencement of term 2, and a final payment of 10,000 Naira before the commencement of term 3.


For more details on how to make the payments, please contact our team at


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